Yourcegid Retail


Cloud Based Point of Sale Software Designed for Specialty Retailers


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A Global Provider of Retail Industry Solutions for Over 30 Years

Yourcegid retail business software solution

Why Choose Yourcegid Retail?

Yourcegid Retail is an innovative and multi-channel cloud based point of sale solution that enables retailers of all sizes to: OPTIMIZE their business process with a robust, flexible, and advanced system. IMPROVE information exchange for efficient decision making with a real time solution. EFFICIENTLY manage their activities. ULTIMATELY improve the customer experience.

A Modular and Flexible Solution Tailored to Fit Your Business Model

  • Day opening/closing
  • Daily brief and flash reports
  • Inventory look-up and price check
  • Orders, reservations, and loans
  • Special orders and price quotes
  • Manual stock adjustments
  • Price lists and promotions
  • Supports multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-tax
  • Merchandise requests and transfers
  • Real-time inventory information
  • Physical stock count
  • Store replenishment and sales forecasting
  • Anytime manual adjustments
  • Dimensions management (size, color …)
  • Serial numbers and batch management
  • Unlimited user-definable fields (tables, dates, values)
  • Call back lists
  • Create customer records
  • Customer purchase history and sales statistics
  • Customer loyalty points and loyalty card recognition
  • QR codes for quick customer access
  • Tailored prices for loyal customers
  • Merge multiple customer records
  • Marketing campaigns and events
  • User restrictions and access rights
  • Event log explorer
  • Sales associates and cashier management
  • Staff schedule and clock-in/out
  • Automatic task scheduler
  • Badge, passwords, and fingerprint identification
  • Clothing allowance and staff discounts
  • Built-in reports for CRM, Inventory and Purchasing, Sales, HR, etc.
  • Dashboard and cube reporting
  • Custom report builder
  • Exportable to Excel and PDF
  • Generate Alerts
  • Business Intelligence plugin
Yourcegid Retail Point of Sale Payment Screen


A Recognized and Reputable Retail Industry Solution Found in:

Over 1,000+ Retailers

Over 25,000+ Stores

Over 75+ Countries

Available in 28 Languages


 Utilized and Trusted by Highly Respected, Global Brands:



Yourcegid Retail is more than your average point of sale can be reached beyond the aisles and stock room, and even outside the confines of the store itself, using mobile technology. This innovative solution improves efficiency (with increased sales and customer satisfaction) while reducing the time devoted to back office operation (inventory, shipping.receiving functions etc.). It can also act as an extra point of sale during peak trading periods.


Yourcegid Retail equips business owners with the tools needed to build relationships with their customers, firstly by effectively capturing and analyzing customer data, and furthermore by segmenting them accordingly. Yourcegid Retail can create targeted marketing campaigns based on previous purchases. The solution is also capable of managing multiple and simultaneous loyalty programs which in turn encourages higher market based value.


Yourcegid Retail allows for complete omnichannel capabilities that improves customer visibility for the retailer while enhancing the shopping experience for the consumer, a win-win situation for all. As the business owner, you can capture customer information across multiple channels, view purchase history for customized promotions and loyalty programs, and get real time visibility on store inventory. Customers can purchase/reserve an item online and pick it up in-store.


Yourcegid Retail is a Cloud based solution allowing for a new point of sale terminal to be up and running in a matter of minutes. So what does that mean to you, the business owner? Expect a lowered total cost of ownership as you would no longer need expensive server hardware on your end. Additionally, this allows for up to the minute reporting and decision making. And if internet connection is lost, the software runs in autonomous mode and synchronizes as soon as the connection is restored.

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